Should You Retain a Child Custody Attorney in Providence, RI?

Yes, if you'd like peace of mind about your legal matter

Many parents assume that a divorce leads to a bitter custody battle. Your divorce doesn't have to. Work with a child custody attorney in Providence, RI to determine what kind of arrangement is best for your family.

The Law Office of Daniel Calabro provides steadfast guidance to clients just like you in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We can assist you with custody issues involving...

  • Parenting time
  • Adopted or stepchildren
  • Grandparent or relative visitation rights

Our child custody attorney will work with you to figure out an arrangement that's fair to your family. Let's meet at your convenience to discuss your priorities.

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What's the best custody arrangement for your child?

In general, divorcing parents can negotiate or petition for...

  • Joint legal custody: In this arrangement, you and your ex can make decisions about your child's health care, education and religious upbringing.
  • Sole legal custody: Only you or your ex will have a final say in where your child goes to school, gets medical treatment or attends worship services.
  • Shared physical custody: Your child will alternate days, weeks or months living with you and your ex.
  • Sole physical custody: Your child will only live with you or your ex. However, the parent without custody can spend time with your child on certain days or weekends.
  • Split physical custody: In Rhode Island, siblings can be separated between you and your ex if the court decides a split custody arrangement is in the best interest of your children.

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